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Linkdump for February 24th

by Rob Friesel
  • Great article, even if it glosses over certain things. Especially good in combination with: — that said, I'm still not sure what a "credit default swap" is…
  • Does enlightenment bring with it responsibility and obligation? That is, making sure your projects live up to the standards you are aware of and are capable of. As a lover of great food, should I kick and scream as Nicole drags me by my ear into the Olive Garden? Or should I shut up and just eat my oily pasta dish? As you progress as a woodworker and learn more about creating quality work, do you feel guilty if you stop short? Do you ever say “good enough”, even though you know you could do better? I am curious to hear where you draw that line….. I’ll go first. I definitely feel a sense of guilt if I don’t do something to the absolute best of my abilities. But there are times, as a business, that I must come up with cost saving solutions that frequently mean lowering my standards. When making my own personal pieces, however, I really do try to make everything as good as it can possibly be given the tools/materials on hand and my current skill set.

  • I don't plan on starting my own (certainly not any time soon) but there's still some great material in here for anyone in any enterprise — no matter how established, no matter how personal… I especially like #s 3-5, 7, & 10 (in part because if you do #3, you can get to #5 by doing #4 (by way of #7), tempering it with #10)
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  • Bad ass.
  • at (via Flickr)
  • via Mac.AppStorm: interesting idea… overkill or…?

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