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headed for 200,000

by Rob Friesel

199,103 on

I’m sure that there’s someone else way ahead of me but it feels pretty good to be closing in on 200,000 plays.  And since it’s been asked already:

199,000+ represents approximately five years worth of play counts tracked via iTunes, iPod synchronization, and “nudging”1 the playcount when we know something has been played off a CD in the car.  See you at 200,001?  Watch me!

  1. Thanks to the Add/Subtract Playcount scripts on Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes. []

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2 Responses to headed for 200,000

fogus says:

I’ve been reluctant to get into the past few months, but this post has sealed the deal for me. In my quest to find “good music w/o lyrics (or at least incomprehensible lyrics)”, this is likely my best bet yet. Do you know if scrobbling can be done across different instances of iTunes? That is, I have a set of music on my work computer and a completely different set at home… will this confuse



found_drama says:

I don’t know if Scrobbling across different instances will lead to issues. I don’t think it will. As far as I can tell, each instance of the app serves only as a client to push scrobbles into the master list on

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