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2009 Goals: Q2 round-up

by Rob Friesel

April through June: gone as quick as they came. Shall we check in on the goals I set for myself? I think we shall.

  1. Write at least three hours per week. To echo my sentiments from last quarter: not a banner year. I have hardly scratched out a few incoherent words let alone incoherent sentences.  The long litany of excuses only grows but the conclusion remains the same:  I am not forcing myself to sit down and do this.  But maybe the fact that the word “force” even enters the equation is proof enough that ’09 is not “my” year?  We shall see.  If ’07 is any indication of how a year can swing around dramatically…
    2009 Annual Writing Goal as of Q2
  2. Read 36 new books during 2009. Still a bit behind the target pace but picking up steam:
    2009 Reading Goal as of Q2
    Tracking the ’09 reading list on with the  “2009” tag/bookshelf1.  Also exciting is that I’ve read most of the books from my specific hit list for the year:
    2009's Specific Books as if Q2
    Remaining on that list:  An Obedient Father, Dhalgren, Foucault’s Pendulum, Theodore Rex (Modern Library Paperbacks), and Nights at the Circus2.
  3. Walk at least 10 miles every week. I have on and off days…
    2009 Walking Goal as of Q2
    …though apparently most off days3?  And now that we’re moving out to Essex, I fear this may drop a bit more.
  4. Climb at least once each week. Doing just fine here, thanks:
    2009 Climbing Goal as of Q2
  5. Finish up my Ortho theme for WordPress. Been done.
  6. Get outside more often. Uh…?  It’s Spring/Summer time now.  Thanks for asking.  See you out there…

At the year’s half-way mark, where shall we say I have landed?

  1. Mind your step though.  It’s a bit clutted with kids books that don’t really count. []
  2. These links head out to Affiliate links, BTW.  In case you wanted to help a guy out. []
  3. Note: technically speaking, I made this graph with a few days to spare left in June.  So I might still have eeked out just enough mileage?  The Q3 round-up should have some more official numbers. []

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