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Linkdump for August 16th

by Rob Friesel
  • In order: (1) it may not be necessary to have "the public option" in the first round of health care reform [see #3] but (2) this is just more evidence that "reaching across the aisle" is going to get us no where and/but (3) we need to at least break status quo and refine our successes moving forward.
    (tagged: news )
  • at — ZOMG Nancy Kress was right!!! (Except 6 hrs vs. 8 hrs isn't what I'd call "far less" sleep)
  • by Rudy Rucker (via Bruce Sterling):

    Write what you love. Let the market follow you instead of the other way around. Use your whole self. Don’t hold back, don’t be embarrassed to write wild. Push for publication. If you can’t sell, enjoy it anyway…and consider starting a webzine with some friends. Writing is self discovery. Believe in the Muse.

    (tagged: writing essay )
  • at Street Anatomy (via B²) — brain-shaped cupcakes!
    (tagged: weird surreal blog )
  • This makes me sad. Both were (are!) great, lightweight apps that helped improve my overall OS X experience. I'd used Lingon less and less recently (re: my biggest launchd need superceded by Time Machine) but I still use Smultron daily.

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