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past the midway (NaNoWriMo week 2)

by Rob Friesel

Friday the 13th.  I am 13 days into NaNoWriMo and have hit that weird spot where the hours don’t all match up in a given day any more.  I apparently picked a hell of a year to give a crack at the contest again.  Whew…

A few observations at this point in the writing sprint:

  • I could do this full time.  Perhaps some day.
  • I’m only slightly behind 2006’s pace.  I’m over 28,000 words as of tonight; in ’06 I broke 28,000 on the 12th.  So not bad–more complicated situation this year, I’d say.
  • The story is flowing a bit easier.  Though I must say that for something that’s supposed to be self-parodic, I’m not sure that it’s really all that funny.

And/but that’s the rub right there.  By the time you get to about 20,000 words or so you have introduced most of your core characters, your setting is established, and you’re just sort of trudging through… plot?  Or something like that.  You follow the characters for a bit.  Then they lead you somewhere else.  It’s a fun game of tag.  But there’s also this thought:  “If you’re going to write yourself, please write yourself and let me go to bed.”  But damn is this ever a great exercise in discipline.

I’ll make it.  So help me, I’m going to make it:

28,285 words

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