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2010 Goals: Q3 round-up

by Rob Friesel

Apropos of this year’s goals… Where am I as of the end of September?

SHORT VERSION: mostly slummin’ this year, actually.

I hate to admit it but that’s pretty much the truth.

  1. Write ≥3 hours each week. I got inspired in July. And almost hit my mark for that month. But then the enthusiasm waned big-time.

    Maybe I should just change this goal to: “Complete NaNoWriMo 2010”.
  2. Submit at least 2 short stories for publication. Submitted one in January. And/but that one got rejected. And as I admitted before, that one stung, and more than it should have. Vide supra.
  3. Revise at least one of my novels-in-progress. Going to punt this to next year. At the earliest. It was a nice thought.
  4. Read ≥36 books. Goodreads says I’m up to 34 already for 2010—and/but 2 of those are still marked “currently-reading”. And I also picked a number of “big ones” this year as well1. So I’ve got that going for me at least.
  5. Exercise: get my money’s worth at Bolton Valley. I did, thanks. And I plan to again this winter.
  6. Exercise: walk or run ≥1 mile ≥2 times/week. Trying to get a re-start on this one. See also:
  7. Exercise: climb at least once each week. It got tough this year. Seems to be getting tougher. Sticking with it as best as time and partner availability will allow2.
  8. Restrict my “personal expenses” to $70/week. Most weeks I do just fine. (Let’s leave it at that.)
  1. Gravity’s Rainbow, anyone? []
  2. Fortunately, I’ve also made a few more climber friends. []

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