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Linkdump for July 5th

by Rob Friesel
  • Garann Means:

    But I can’t pretend it doesn’t kill me that the most exciting thing we can think of to do with JavaScript is to clean it up to appeal to people who don’t like JavaScript.

    (Although I disagree a little bit with her quip about "all those terrible little curly braces". I actually kind of love those little bastards.)

    (tagged: javascript essay )
  • by Tim Bray at ongoing:

    No, I haven’t figured it out. Neither has the rest of the world. Which means that now is a good time to write about it, while our impressions remain plastic.

    Count me with Tim. It will be interesting to see how Google+ evolves over the coming weeks and months. To everyone that keeps calling it "Google's Facebook killer": I very much doubt it; I imagine that this story will start with these two services competing for very much the same footprint and heading off in pretty different directions as users (continue to) shape them.

    (tagged: google googleplus )
  • Great burgering advice from Jim Ray. My own method? Each pound of beef gets split into ¼ lb. balls; each ball is dusted in Montreal steak seasoning and gets hit with a drop or two of Worcester sauce; pat-a-pat-pat in both hands until it's about the right patty shape; then put the meat on the heat.
  • at Royal Pingdom — a little research on the upgrade patterns and upgrade paths for the major browsers.
    (tagged: web browser webdev essay )
  • A thoughtful piece by Peter Michaux on JavaScript as a compilation target, the JavaScript community’s idiomaticity, and the future of the language. Even if you don’t agree with all of his points, it is a fantastic read.

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