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2011 goals: Q3 check-in

by Rob Friesel

Three months to go in 2011. How am I doing on my various personal goals? Let’s check in and find out!

  1. Exercise at least four days each week. Doing pretty well here. Averaging about 17-18 exercise sessions per month this year. Had a good run of climbing in the mid- to late-summer, but I’ve still only been either out or to the gym 21 times this year. On the other hand, I’ve run (or walked, or hiked) 185.74 miles this year.
  2. Finish the “Orin” WordPress theme. Orin was released to this blog on February 13. May its tenure be as long as Ortho’s. [REPEATED]
  3. Get to know Groovy/Grails. Still far from mastery but hey… “It’s just web dev.”
  4. Photography: a 365 project. Gave this up almost as soon as I’d started. But I managed to get myself talked into joining another photo club just in the last week or so. Woo!
  5. Reading: ≥36 books. One book shy of hitting my goal. Woo-hoo! This would be the first time that I met my annual reading goal since the H-bomb was born. Boom:

    So I would say that I’m doing pretty great here.

  6. Writing: ≥ 2 hours per week. A sudden and powerful resurgence.
  7. Really proud of this year’s reading list so far. And also really proud to be writing again.

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