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2011 personal goals round-up

by Rob Friesel

2011 is all over! Happy New Year on our way into 2012!

Now in my annual tradition of evaluating my personal goals (“not resolutions”) let’s take a look at 2011’s outcomes…

  1. Exercise at least four days each week. Often true, often not. Most of the year I managed to fit in at least four sessions each week. Fell off the wagon a bit during November and December; the holidays always throw in a few interruptions.

    Good year for walking and running (vide supra); not as good of a year for climbing (vide infra):
  2. Finish the “Orin” WordPress theme. Orin was released to this blog on February 13. May its tenure be as long as Ortho’s. Which is looking quite promising, considering I’ve kept it in semi-active development and just released version 0.5.
  3. Get to know Groovy/Grails. Still far from mastery but also: “I’m getting pretty good at this thing.”
  4. Photography: a 365 project. Gave this up almost as soon as I’d started. Then I managed to get myself talked into joining another photo club… which also kind of fell off-step. But photos remain a favorite (if sporadic) activity in this house.
  5. Reading: ≥36 ≥40 books. Hit 36 — the first time that I met my annual reading goal since the H-bomb was born. Boom. So bumped it to 40+; my 2011 shelf shows 44 books:

  6. Writing: ≥ 2 hours per week. Always a tough one. Always a personal one. Always one that winds up being subject to flux. I hardly wrote at all during the top half of the year. But toward the end, I changed some of my thinking about how I wanted to write, and why I was writing. I went back to writing for the sheer personal pleasure of it, and stopped thinking about my own ridiculous “five year plan”.

    Granted: who am I kidding? The thing that motivates me to plow through NaNoWriMo and commit to 5+ hours each week of writing is the same desire to see my name mentioned in some review somewhere, or perched up on some independent bookstore’s shelf. Hopes remain strong there.

I’ll get 2012 goals posted in a couple of days, though I’m not feeling any particular rush to do so. 2012 is going to be full enough as it is without the artificial pressures of made-up personal goals. A couple of nominal reading, writing, and exercise goals… maybe a few more.

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