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2012 Goals

by Rob Friesel

In my annual tradition of setting “goals, not resolutions”, I present: my 2012 Personal Goals:

  1. Exercise: ≥4 days each week. Same as last year. Call it re-committing, if you must. Again, nothing too specific; an exercise session could be a hike or a brisk lunch-time walk, or 2 hours at the rock gym or a 15 minute morning treadmill run, or mowing the lawn or shoveling snow. Physical activity of the vigorous kind.
  2. Reading: ≥36 books. Again, same as last year. Targeting 36 to start with; if I bump it up (like I did in 2011) then great. But 3 books per month seems about my pace.
  3. Reading: 10 new authors. More than just reading, I’d like to visit upon a few new authors. If you know me well then you know that I have a bad habit (though not necessarily in recent years) of re-reading books and/or of staying with my “safe” list of authors. But the branching out has been good for me. Time to do some more of that.
  4. Writing: ≥5 hours each week; 1000+ words per session. Already well under way. I got a lot of great momentum from the 2011 NaNoWriMo, and/but/more so from my own re-commitment to the craft in the in the months leading up to it.
  5. Writing: Finish a draft of my novel-in-progress. Also “already well under way” on this one. I’m probably about 80,000 words into the draft at this point. I have tentatively targeted end of March to finish the first draft. I think I can get there if I can fit in 5 hours/week. From there…? Well, let’s get there first.
  6. Code: Write something (anything!) in Clojure. This is a language that fascinates me, and I feel like I mention it all the time. Maybe it’s just my “we go way back” connection to @fogus? But at any rate, I think I better sink my teeth into it and write something in Clojure, even if it’s just for fun. Just to stop feeling like such a damn poser.

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