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Linkdump for January 24th

by Rob Friesel
  • Interview with Neal Stephenson at Lightspeed Magazine:

    …I think that what science fiction can do in cases like this is provide not just an idea for some specific technical innovation, but also supply a coherent picture of that innovation being integrated into a society and an economy.

  • Yehuda Katz writing at "Katz Got Your Tongue?"

    My own personal jury is out on this subject; I agree with some of his points, but something about it smells funny to me. Regardless, Katz has interesting take on this question of syntax, and the comment thread is pretty good as well.

  • At Joe Hewitt's blog. I'm a couple weeks (OK: months) behind on this one but it's an interesting discussion of his approach.
    (tagged: essay dropbox jekyll )
  • at Bloc: Ruby Warrior is an open source game "designed to teach the Ruby language and artificial intelligence in a fun, interactive way."
    (tagged: todo ai ruby )
  • At Crepes of Wrath. Or as I said to Ben (who sent this to me): "Why aren't you at my house making this RIGHT NOW?"
    (tagged: recipe ribs )
  • At WP-Snippets; I really don't like this layout but with a little spelunking, I imagine there are a few gems buried in there.
    (tagged: code wordpress )
  • At Mental Detritus; incomplete (where are the params passed to each event's handler closure?) but a good starting place.
    (tagged: Grails )

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