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2012 Goals: Q1 check-in

by Rob Friesel

Wow, the first three months of 2012 really rushed by, didn’t they? Better dust off this year’s goals and see where we are with everything. I feel like I’ve done well, but how did I really do?

  1. Exercise: ≥4 days each week. I have not been following this very strictly, but it looks like I’m performing slightly above plan. Some weeks I fit in an exercise session of some kind every single days; others 1 don’t get any exercise at all. Got my money’s worth on skiing this winter, so that was nice. And my “foot-based” exercise routine has been going pretty consistently:
    2012Q1: total miles walked/run (2012)
    Climbing is a bit off the rails though: 2
    2012Q1: total climbing sessions (2012)
    But overall looking good:
    2012Q1: total exercise
  2. Reading: ≥36 books. According to Goodreads, I’m 8 books ahead of schedule on this. 3 And but so I’ve also just started the great 2012 re-read of Infinite Jest, so that may fall a bit behind, those numbers.
    2012Q1: total books read
    Book Author Date Links
    Neanderthal John Darnton 1/2 Goodreads;
    The Cardinal of the Kremlin Tom Clancy 1/15 Goodreads;
    Animal Farm George Orwell 1/19 Goodreads;
    We Are in a Book! Mo Willems 1/21 Goodreads; 4
    Grendel John Gardner 1/24 Goodreads;
    Embassytown China MiƩville 2/12 my review; Goodreads;
    Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal Christopher Moore 2/22 Goodreads;
    Quiet Susan Cain 3/1 my review; Goodreads;
    The Intuitionist Colson Whitehead 3/6 Goodreads; 5
    Against a Dark Background Iain M. Banks 3/21 Goodreads;
    The Joy of Clojure Fogus & Houser 3/22 6 Goodreads;
    Running Lean Ash Maurya 3/25 my review; Goodreads;
    Mobile Design Pattern Gallery Theresa Neil 3/29 my review; Goodreads;
    Little House in the Big Woods Laura Ingalls Wilder 3/31 7 Goodreads;

    Not to mention that I’m working through about 4 8 other books at the moment, and have plenty more lined up…

  3. Reading: 10 new authors. If we’re counting non-fiction, I’ve only got two more to go. But my inclination is for the 10 new authors to be fiction. And in that case: more like 7 or 8. 9
  4. Writing: ≥5 hours each week; 1000+ words per session.
    2012Q1: total hours spent writing
    March was huge, but I’m oddly showing “just barely” for January, and “not” for February. Most days I at least write for an hour, though I seldom hit 1000 words. 10 But…
  5. Writing: Finish a draft of my novel-in-progress. This is completed. March 13th was when I “finished” that first draft. Seems like the sensible thing to do would be to update this goal to: “Get something in front of people.” Anyway: actively plowing through the revisions…
  6. Code: Write something (anything!) in Clojure. Negative, ghostrider. Not started.
  1. Like that week I was sick.[]
  2. Despite having found a bunch of new partners.[]
  3. And/but/so looking closely: I don’t know if I totally by that. They’re counting some kids books here that… well, that I would not.[]
  4. Yes, it’s a kid’s book. So what? I read it for The Boy enough times.[]
  5. Which, seriously, I know I don’t have my own review posted anywhere but… 5-stars. Really: go out and read it right now.[]
  6. But I’d been working on this one since… July 2011? A good long while.[]
  7. Though admittedly: that was a co-read with A., for H.; and A. did most of the reading.[]
  8. Plus one “on hold”.[]
  9. Which depends on whether we count Laura Ingalls Wilder, which I probably wouldn’t, since that was a co-read, and was more for H. than it was for me.[]
  10. Had lots of 900+ word ones where I kick back and frown and say to myself: Why didn’t you just hammer away for 15 more minutes?[]

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