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snapshots of history

by Rob Friesel

In all of last week’s commotion, I almost missed this completely:

In October 2010, we were privileged to get a tour of Portland Head Light,1 including a peek inside the actual lamp housing. As so many of my pictures do, these ended up on Flickr to be shared with the world.2 And sometime in the past week or so, Flickr user “paul1481” found them and left a few comments.

lighthouse lamp

The interesting part? Apparently, “paul1481” is one of Portland Head Light’s former lighthouse keepers, and he lived/worked there for a few years in the 1980s. His comments add some interesting color and history to the pictures themselves and I’m grateful that he did.

  1. Portland Head Light is apocryphally “the most photographed lighthouse in the world”; and regardless of the veracity of that statement, it’s definitely one of the most picturesque, and probably my all-time favorite. []
  2. Translation: whoever happens to be bored enough to look at my photos. []

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