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2012 Goals: Q3 check-in

by Rob Friesel

Q3 of 2012: wrapped up.

For those playing along at home: the original 2012 goals post, and the Q1 and Q2 check-in posts. And now… the Q3 check-in:

  1. Exercise: ≥4 days each week. July was strong, August was one of my strongest months ever,1 but September went off the rails a bit:
    2012Q3 Exercise Goal
    In August I tried out RunKeeper’s goals feature, and set out to run at least 30 miles. I made it, but barely:
    2012Q3 Walking & Running Goal
    As for climbing… It’s turned into a “twice a month” kind of thing, sadly. At least2 I canceled my EFT membership:
    2012Q3 Climbing Goal
  2. Reading: ≥36 books. This is turning into a big year for me for books:
    Book Author Date Links
    Neanderthal John Darnton 1/2 Goodreads;
    The Cardinal of the Kremlin Tom Clancy 1/15 Goodreads;
    Animal Farm George Orwell 1/19 Goodreads;
    We Are in a Book! Mo Willems 1/21 Goodreads; Amazon.com3
    Grendel John Gardner 1/24 Goodreads;
    Embassytown China Miéville 2/12 my review; Goodreads;
    Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal Christopher Moore 2/22 Goodreads;
    Quiet Susan Cain 3/1 my review; Goodreads;
    The Intuitionist Colson Whitehead 3/6 Goodreads; Amazon.com4
    Against a Dark Background Iain M. Banks 3/21 Goodreads;
    The Joy of Clojure Fogus & Houser 3/225 Goodreads;
    Running Lean Ash Maurya 3/25 my review; Goodreads;
    Mobile Design Pattern Gallery Theresa Neil 3/29 my review; Goodreads;
    Little House in the Big Woods Laura Ingalls Wilder 3/316 Goodreads;
    jQuery UI Eric Sarrion 4/9 my review
    Code Simplicity Max Kanat-Alexander 4/26 my review
    Infinite Jest David Foster Wallace 4/29 Notes
    Farmer Boy Laura Ingalls-Wilder 5/17  
    Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls-Wilder 5/157  
    Clojure Programming Chas Emerick 5/19 my review
    Maintainable JavaScript Nicholas C. Zakas 5/23 my review
    The Wise Man’s Fear Patrick Rothfuss 5/27 Goodreads
    The Little MongoDB Book Karl Seguin 6/1 Goodreads
    The Invention of Hugo Cabret Brian Selznick 6/4  
    Kanban and Scrum: Making the Most of Both Henrik Kniberg 6/9 Goodreads
    Player Piano Kurt Vonnegut 6/10 Goodreads
    The REST API Design Rulebook Mark Massé 6/12 my review
    Imagine: How Creativity Works Jonah Lehrer 6/17 my review
    Alien Contact (anthology) Marty Halpern 6/21 my review
    Developing Web Applications with Haskell and Yesod Michael Snoyman 6/308 my review
    Web Workers: Multithreaded Programs in JavaScript Ido Green 7/8 my review
    The Art of Agile Development James Shore & Shane Warden 7/9 Goodreads9
    A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius Dave Eggers 7/10 Goodreads
    The Stars My Destination Alfred Bester 7/19 Goodreads
    Team Geek Brian W. Fitzpatrick & Ben Collins-Sussman 7/27 my review
    The Lost World Michael Crichton 7/28 Goodreads
    Maven by Example Tim O’Brien, John Casey, & Brian Fox 7/30 Goodreads
    Hyperion Dan Simmons 8/14 Goodreads
    Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! Miran Lipovača 8/17 n/a
    Python for Data Analysis Wes McKinney 8/23 Goodreads
    Brief Interviews with Hideous Men David Foster Wallace 8/25 Goodreads
    Regular Expressions Cookbook (2nd Edition) Jan Goyvaerts & Steven Levithan 9/3 my review
    In the Country of Last Things Paul Auster 9/4 Goodreads
    Learning JavaScript Design Patterns Addy Osmani 9/15 my review
    I, Robot Isaac Asimov 9/17 Goodreads
    The Caves of Steel Isaac Asimov 9/26 Goodreads

    Lots of new books, and a good balance of fictions and non-fiction.10
    2012Q3 Reading Goal

  3. Reading: 10 new authors. This has been done for a while. I’ve read nine new-to-me fiction authors alone, and easily twice that for non-fiction.
  4. Writing: ≥5 hours each week; 1000+ words per session. The fall saw a dip, but I’m still going pretty strong for the year overall. Pounded through July to finish a draft of my book. In August, I circulated it with some beta readers and decided to slow down a bit–and/but that also turned into working on revisions for another long-dormant project. September was… tough. I gave a talk, and so spent some nights prepping for that instead of writing. Can’t do it all.
    2012Q3 Writing Goal
  5. Writing: Finish a draft of my novel-in-progress. REITERATED: This is complete. March 13th was when I “finished” that first draft. After a re-read and some notes, I sent it out to some beta readers in August; and I’ve been working on revisions. Slowly but surely.
  6. Code: Write something (anything!) in Clojure. Still nothing worth counting. (And the clock is running out for the year!)
  1. I count 31 discrete exercise sessions in August, including running over 30 miles. []
  2. Also: sadly. []
  3. Yes, it’s a kid’s book. So what? I read it for The Boy enough times. []
  4. Which, seriously, I know I don’t have my own review posted anywhere but… 5-stars. Really: go out and read it right now. []
  5. But I’d been working on this one since… July 2011? A good long while. []
  6. Though admittedly: that was a co-read with A., for H.; and A. did most of the reading. []
  7. Ibid. [] []
  8. …or 7/1, depending on how you figure the fuzzy end on this one, for me. []
  9. Also: “Agile for the Introvert”. []
  10. Although a lot of the non-fiction are technical books; and a lot of those are through the O’Reilly blogger review program. []

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