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speaking at VT Code Camp 2012

by Rob Friesel

Well this one is coming up fast…

I’ll be speaking at VT Code Camp 2012 this Saturday (September 22nd) at 1:30pm. The title of the talk is “Like a Genie from the Lamp: Headless JavaScript BDD with Jasmine and PhantomJS” and here’s the abstract:

Jasmine is a mature BDD test framework for JavaScript, and though powerful and feature-rich in its own right, you are often still shackled to a browser window to conduct your tests. Tools like Selenium WebDriver make automated testing possible, but they are difficult to set up, cumbersome to use, and worst of all slow. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could execute your tests as part of your build? And have those tests before completed in seconds? With PhantomJS (“the headless WebKit”) that wish has come true. In this talk we will introduce the Jasmine BDD test framework, introduce PhantomJS, and demonstrate how to execute your Jasmine tests in PhantomJS for lightning fast results.

I had a ton of fun giving my talk on Sass last year, and expect this year’s to be just as much fun. Plus, I have a couple talented co-workers who are going to be giving talks as well. It’s all very exciting.

The fourth annual Vermont Code Camp will be held at UVM’s Kalkin Hall from 8am to 6pm on Saturday September 22. The full schedule and session descriptions are online; you can find more information (including how to register) on their website, or else follow them on Twitter at @vtcodecamp.

See you there!

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