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using lists to hold parameters for Compass functions

by Rob Friesel

This past weekend at Vermont Code Camp, I caught Mike Fowler’s presentation, “Crafting Scalable Stylesheets”. In that presentation, he discusses this notion of “smart” variables (slides 32 through 35), wherein we provide an argument to a mixin (or even just a simple @if statement), and then based on that argument’s type-of value, we select a […]

headless JavaScript unit testing with Jasmine and PhantomJS

by Rob Friesel

Yesterday, I gave a talk (slides are here, and/or rate my talk here) at the fourth Vermont Code Camp on how to run fast, reliable, headless unit tests for JavaScript using the Jasmine BDD test framework and PhantomJS. What follows here is a summary of “the meat” of the talk: specifically, how to execute your […]