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Linkdump for December 17th

by Rob Friesel
  • At dataist.

    tl;dr: Here's how to set up your Google Spreadsheet. Here is how to publish the data as ATOM. Here is how to transform the ATOM data to JSON. Now go ahead and feed that into your data visualization library of choice. (Albeit, you may need to munge it a bit.)

    See also: tabletop.js.

  • Exactly what the title says.
    (tagged: Git )
  • Great post by Paul Umbers (writing at Internistic) re: getting started with Clojure in Sublime Text 2. As he states right off the bat, Emacs provides a significant barrier to entry to a lot of folks that want to dive in and explore Clojure, and using Sublime Text 2 takes a lot of the initial effort out the equation for a lot of people.

    That being said: you're going to need to get the REPL up and running (there's no better way to learn Clojure than to tinker with it in the REPL!) and there's a good chance that you'll get an error about "No such file or directory" from Sublime Text. Refer to this issue in GitHub to solve that problem.

    (tagged: SublimeText Clojure )
  • John Downey, writing for the Braintree Payments dev blog. Regardless of whether you're pro-REST or not, his is an interesting take on the rationale to provide language-specific client libraries instead of "simply" opening up a RESTful API.
    (tagged: HTTP API REST )
  • I'm not going to io9 for my science reading, but I imagine I'll find myself doing some follow-up reading after this. I do love me some bread and pasta, and/but maybe I might benefit from turning the gluten volume down?
  • I haven't read any of Anil Dash's posts in a good long while, but this one is thoughtful and worthwhile, and most of his points really ring home with me re: why I've kept going for so long instead of letting it lapse into the DNS dustbin while I move my "online identity" into Facetwittergramterest etc. (Also: I'd pretty much forgotten all about Technorati… talk about the web's Memory Lane.)
    (tagged: internet culture )

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