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Linkdump for January 3rd

by Rob Friesel
  • Compiled by Tomás Lin. Some familiar, some new, some practically useless, some awesome.
    (tagged: testing Grails )
  • Nancy Scola, writing for The Atlantic:

    But the approval of the Sunday-night resolution suggests that, no matter what happens in the next few days, Congress can't succeed — that, in fact, it has already failed. Congress now operates in a such a state of continual chaos that transparency has become an impossibility and success is defined only by the endpoint — reaching a deal. Lost in the frantic, last-minute cramming of legislation onto the calendar is the notion that successful legislating might require that members of Congress show their work.


    Also: I'm not totally sure where she was going w/r/t/ likening Congress to a software API; it's an interesting thought experiment, but it distracts from her original point–that the system has become opaque to the detriment of all.

    That they've come together on a sucky deal at the last minute and need to retroactively apply it… These are not heroic measures.

    (tagged: politics )
  • I haven't tried this out yet, but the idea is interesting and seems simple enough: cache and load static resources from localStorage. (Not that this is really what localStorage is "for", but if nothing else an intriguing hack.)
  • Good advice from Tim Bray. I have a pretty similar system: ruthless deletion, immediate (if terse) replies wherever possible, then mark everything else read and "flag" anything left over that still needs to be dealt with. (Bet you forgot all about your email client's "flag" feature, didn't you?)
    (tagged: productivity email )
  • Gregory Moeck:

    We've become focused on our making things "testable" rather than using our tests to learn about our design.

    tl;dr: "More testable" is not better if everywhere you turn, someone else is looking at you saying "this is really confusing".

    (tagged: testable code )

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