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dream.20130217: fire, breakfast

by Rob Friesel

The room fills with smoke. There is a vent in the floor and the smoke rises through it. You run downstairs. She set a fire in the fireplace and vented it up into the room. It would make sense (for the heat) if that vent actually channeled the smoke outside. As you close the vent, you notice still more smoke. The smoke is coming from a narrow hallway off one side of the room. You run down and notice a small brick alcove. It looks like a fireplace but it has no chimney. She set a fire here as well, and now the whole house is quickly catching. You shout and yell for someone to call the fire department while you try to put it out with a handheld fire extinguisher. But the fire extinguisher keeps spinning in your hand and blowing into your face.


E. is in the kitchen (as a baby still) and standing up on a stool. He is making breakfast. Scrambled eggs. Sausage… Breakfast nachos.

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