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Linkdump for February 13th

by Rob Friesel
  • Big news from Opera. I can't decide if this is a relief, or a disturbing trend toward a kind of WebKit monoculture. These were my mixed feelings, and I had a hard time articulating them. Fortunately, Robert Nyman and John Resig expressed it all rather well.
    (tagged: Opera WebKit )
  • Cennydd Bowles, writing at A List Apart:

    When a designer adopts simplistic, reductive arguments that ignore business reality, it undermines him. It limits his potential influence. Only the well-rounded designer who can fight for what’s right while accommodating business reality will be seen as a true leader.

    It's an interesting read, and mostly because of its critical take on the whole "UX" and "UCD" buzzword syndrome. I like how he tries to separate the discipline of UX from the process of UCD, and tries to debunk myths on both sides of the UCD argument. (E.g., "genius design" can miss something important, but UCD can lack inspiration.)

  • By Anthony Roldan, writing for the HubSpot dev blog. Not a deep dive into Jasmine (nor much detail about how they've automated their tests with PhantomJS) but it's a good surface-level discussion. Also, the main reason I'm linking to it: this is one of the first times where CoffeeScript (to me) makes the code easier to read.
  • At imagine27:

    In practice the O-notation approach to algorithmic analysis can often be quite misleading. Quick Sort vs. Merge Sort is a great example. Quick Sort is classified as time quadratic O(n²) and Merge Sort as time log-linear O(n log n) according to O-notation. In practice however, Quick Sort often performs twice as fast as Merge Sort and is also far more space efficient.

    Add that to your research "to-do" list…

  • At the Raptor's Nest blog: A good introduction to how colors work in R plots, and how to specify the colors for the palettes. Quite helpful.
    (tagged: visualization R )

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