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Linkdump for March 23rd

by Rob Friesel
  • Fascinating story about the man who put about $7 million worth of counterfeit bills into circulation. And it sounds like he got just about all his supplies at his local Staples. Just crazy.
    (tagged: counterfeit )
  • a pretty good list of performance tips for front-end developers. The nuance is mostly there (if you want to get nit-picky…) and for the most part the discuss the pros/cons of the different approaches. Worth a look, and the fun format makes it accessible to even junior and/or "incidental" web developers.
    (tagged: webdev performance )
  • Fantastic and very right-on post by Amanda Blum about the whole Adria Richards/PyCon fiasco from this week. Just one quibble: I would say that feminism is about how human beings relate to each other.
    (tagged: sexism essay feminism )
  • Laura Miller writing at about Marlene Zuk's book Paleofantasy:

    Why are we so intent on establishing how paleolithic people ate, exercised, coupled up and raised their kids? That’s a question Zuk considers only in passing, but she hits the nail pretty solidly on the head: “We have a regrettable tendency to see what we want to see and rationalize what we already want to do…."

    (tagged: food paleo culture )
  • So this looks good. I hope they keep it updated and it doesn't turn out to be a one-off thing. (Looks like they have every intention of keeping it updated, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on this.) And/but/also: I'd really like to see this level of curation going into the Web Platform Docs project — seems like there was a bunch of initial buzz around that but it's otherwise kind of dropped off. (At least: it hasn't replaced MDN as the go-to resource for me yet…)
    (tagged: JavaScript )

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