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Linkdump for May 21st

by Rob Friesel
  • Flickr Redesign Round-up! The official announcement over at the Flickr Blog. I know that there are a lot of people hating on the new redesign, but I think I "get" the vision behind it. I think they're making a calculated gamble with such a dramatic re-thinking of their interface (to say nothing of the pricing plan) but overall I think it's a pretty smart investment. It will come at the cost of alienating some long-time users, but it's necessary for reinvigoration and growth.
    (tagged: Flickr )
  • Flickr Redesign Round-up! Mashable breaks down what Flickr's new (somewhat bizarre) pricing structure means for long-time Flickr Pro users like myself. The tl;dr good news: "Sit tight; everything will be fine." And/but: I think we can all agree that there are a bunch of weird quirks and gotchas in the new plan. ($500/year for 2 TB? When 1TB is $50/year or else free-with-ads.)
    (tagged: Flickr )
  • Flickr Redesign Round-up! At Co.Design: business + innovation + design. Mostly just a bunch of screenshots, but it helps to convey the changes in a visual digest format. (Spoiler alert: kind of has more than 3 features featured.)
    (tagged: Flickr )
  • Flickr Redesign Round-up! Filed under: "Well that didn't take long…" It's a Node CLI for turning your for-free 1TB of Flickr storage in to… free storage. (Albeit inefficient/wasteful storage…) PNG hacks FTW?
    (tagged: Flickr Node.js )
  • At SitePoint. IE8 drops below 10% and versions of IE overall account for less than 30%; Chrome climbs up near 40%.
    (tagged: browsers )
  • In the run-up to the Functional JavaScript release (pre-order your copy!), you should read this great post by Darren Newton (@d_run) on using Underscore-Contrib for functional style JS.

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