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Linkdump for June 18th

by Rob Friesel
  • 'Time to First Photo' on the Photostream page

    “Time to First Photo” on the Photostream page

    Ross Harmes on how the Flickr team achieved a 7× speed increase in page render times:

    The first time you come to any Flickr page, we store the width of your browser window in a cookie. We can then read that cookie on the server on subsequent page loads.

    Gotta love a simple solution.

  • Thank you, Alex.
  • Wherein Nicolas Bevacqua discusses the native APIs that underlie your favorite jQuery functions. It's worth reading — mostly as an exercise in peeling back the onion layers to remember just how much is going on behind the scenes of some of these functions. However, he's simplifying a bit in a few cases (e.g., with the XHR) so be aware of that.
    (tagged: jQuery JavaScript )
  • Alex Sexton, writing at Smashing Magazine:

    A front-end operations engineer would own external performance. […] They own everything past the functionality. They are the bridge between an application’s intent and an application’s reality.

  • James Sommers, writing for Aeon:

    The price of a word is being bid to zero. That one magazine story I’ve been working on has been in production for a year and a half now, it’s been a huge part of my life, it’s soaked up so many after-hours, I’ve done complete rewrites for editors — I’ve done, and will continue to do, just about anything they say — and all for free. There’s no venture capital out there for this; there are no recruiters pursuing me; in writer-town I’m an absolute nothing, the average response time on the emails I send is, like, three and a half weeks. I could put the whole of my energy and talent into an article, everything I think and am, and still it could be worth zero dollars.

    This resonates with me in so many painfully obvious ways.

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