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dream.20130702: stair chase

by Rob Friesel

You’re being chased. Your pursuers… used to be friends? allies? associates? You know them. But there is a tension now. They are after you, and are close behind. But you manage to keep giving them the slip. You’ll dodge down one seemingly endless corridor of apartments (hotel rooms?) and head down some other stair case. You hear their steps behind you. You take the stairs two at a time. You dodge down another hall. If you can zig-zag down a few of these carpeted hallways, will you lose them? You head into the heart of the building, where the apartments have no windows and are totally enclosed. You find another stair case, this one more industrial-looking — like something out of a factory or a school. They are still behind you, but you seem to be gaining distance. At the bottom of the stairs you come out into a busy shopping mall. (A shopping mall at the bottom of the apartment building?) You dive into the most crowded throng of people and start to work your way into it. You’ll lose them for sure if you can just get to the other side. But a different panic starts to set in.

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