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Linkdump for August 2nd

by Rob Friesel
  • A write-up by Jaco Pretorius. I agree with him on the documentation, and I (admittedly, sadly) don't have enough experience with the testing aspect to have an opinion there, but I'd be willing to split hairs on the "overall complexity" complaint.

    Given my experience so far, I would say that the trivial things are quite trivial, and though the non-trivial things take a bit of work, none of them have blocked me for more than an hour or two. There's a bit of push/pull, but I've also only been doing non-trivial stuff with it for a short time, and I feel like each time I get stumped, I come out the other side with a much better understanding of the framework. It's opinionated, and there's "an Angular way" of doing things — but it's not always clear (at first) what that way is. And I blame the documentation for that.

  • Good overview of AOP in JavaScript by John Hann, over at HTML5 Hub.
    (tagged: AOP JavaScript )
  • Kevin Rockwood, writing at the blog — with a rather nice epiphany.
  • Bret Victor.

    Lots of choice bits:

    There can be a lot of resistance to new ways of working that require you to unlearn what you've already learned and think in new ways.


    The most dangerous thought that you can have as a creative person, is to think you know what you're doing.

    Watch it. Best 30 minutes you'll spend this week.

  • Nicholas Zakas:

    And so I somewhat regrettably introduce ESLint.

    The short version: ESLint is a two-pass linter based on the Esprima ECMAScript parser with a fully pluggable rule system that supports warnings, errors, disabling rules, and custom rules. Based on the description, sounds like you want to use JSHint for the real-time linting in your editor and ESLint for your builds.

  • At LitReactor. I haven't seen all of these, nor have I read them all but… But I know that American Psycho wasn't an "actually good" movie by any definition that I know of. I would replace it with "The Shawshank Redemption" any day of the week. (Are we allowed to replace novel-based movies with short story/novella-based ones?)
    (tagged: film literature )

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