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Linkdump for September 30th

by Rob Friesel
  • Alexander Zaitchik (

    You could fill an entire book with the Strangelovean rhetoric of the first two years of Reagan’s term.

    A still from the movie "The Day After"

  • Had this sent to me around the same time that this other (derived?) image was making the rounds. Russell's site is missing my personal favorites (the ships of the Wing Commander universe) but it's an impressive collection nontheless.
    (tagged: science fiction )
  • Jim Cowart:

    I've been using RequireJS for a couple of years, and while it's admittedly difficult to limit myself to only five, these five tips are things I really wished I'd known sooner rather than later.

  • Popular Science:

    A politically motivated, decades-long war on expertise has eroded the popular consensus on a wide variety of scientifically validated topics. Everything, from evolution to the origins of climate change, is mistakenly up for grabs again. Scientific certainty is just another thing for two people to "debate" on television. And because comments sections tend to be a grotesque reflection of the media culture surrounding them, the cynical work of undermining bedrock scientific doctrine is now being done beneath our own stories, within a website devoted to championing science.

    Sad in so many ways.

  • Andre Behrens (in, of all places):

    Developers often think of programming as problem solving, but writing code is more like cooking. As with cooking, code is never perfect, only better and worse. You can try different spices. You can use turkey instead of chicken. You can apply more or less heat. But there is no complete, only done enough. Dinner is done when you eat it.

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