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Linkdump for December 2nd

by Rob Friesel
  • By Mike Cantelon, writing at the StrongLoop blog. This isn't the first time that node-webkit has come across my radar, but this is a good little intro for someone who hasn't heard of it before.
  • This website is starting a discussion about mobile first app development that goes beyond shrinking content to phone and tablet screen sizes.

  • Frank Chimero:

    So now we no longer buy the thing we want, we buy the shape of the thing we prefer.


  • Airbnb was kind enough to share their JS style guide with the world. And since I'm in to this sort of thing… Overall, I like this style guide quite a bit, and it's fairly comprehensive. A couple of observations though:

    1. No mention of try-catch or exceptions. (This is one place the Google Style Guide still reins supreme.)
    2. The evidence suggests that using concat (and not slice) is more performant for copying arrays. (But we're also in the land of diminishing returns at that point…)
    3. I disagree that it's OK to use Number and Boolean constructors for type coercion. It's not strictly ´╗┐wrong´╗┐ but I've written before about situations where they can give you misleading results.
  • Matt Mullenweg, interviewed at Business Insider about Automattic ("the WordPress company") and it's company culture. Although a bit short and fluffy, it's still interesting. And/but/however, this quote from Mullenweg stuck out to me:

    The idea of a meritocracy is that it's what they do, not who they are.

    While this is a nice thought, I think it misses the mark ever-so-slightly. Meritocracies are a nice idea, but are basically bullshit. The notion of "it's what they do" is great, but there's still an element of assessing "who they are" buried in there. (And also: let's not forget that some companies and/or open source projects can still get torpedoed by productive but highly-poisonous people.)

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