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Linkdump for December 31st

by Rob Friesel
  • Philip Walton:

    To put that another way, if a talented computer science grad, fresh out of college, with almost no front-end experience can outshine a great front-end engineer in your interview, you're probably asking the wrong questions.

    Whether or not you agree with him on every point, he raises a lot of interesting questions about how we interview and evaluate candidates that we're targeting for front-end-oriented engineering positions. It's created quite a bit of discussion, too; here are two that I enjoyed: one by Alex Maccaw, and one by Nicholas Zakas.

    For what it's worth, there's definitely no one-size-fits-all solution to interviewing, evaluating, or hiring front-end engineers. There are so many factors involved: What does your stack look like? How do you divide your work internally? Are you looking for generalists or specialists? What did you need from people last year? What do you need from people next year? These are really hard questions, and the stakes are high.

  • the DOM in relation to HTML and JavaScript
    Posted by Rachel Nabors. Mostly I just like the illustration. (And though I was down on Cody Lindley's JavaScript Enlightenment, sounds like DOM Enlightenment is worth a go.)
    (tagged: DOM JavaScript HTML )
  • @swannodette on Om, as a next-generation, super-fast client-side MVC. It's ClojureScript, so naturally the underlying premise is that immutable data structures and a functional programming style (even if it's "tucked away" under an OO façade) are the keys to the performance kingdom. Interesting read, especially the technical details under the "How it works" heading.
  • The venerable Chris Coyier, giving his introductory take on Grunt.
    (tagged: Grunt JavaScript )

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