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what’s the problem with JSON?

by !undefined

Ben Hughes, JSON and the Arguments:

tl;dr: General argument is that JSON is hard to read and the format spec explicitly disallows comments. The former point I disagree with completely;1 the latter point is fair and/but that’s also why I think something like a Gruntfile is good because it uses functions for configuration (but a Gruntfile is hardly project configuration2). And/but/so I’m surprised XML wasn’t brought back into this (except in that brief cast-off) because say what you will about XML w/r/t/ verbosity &c. but it’s a hella rich format.3

  1. I don’t get it when people say that JSON is hard to read. It’s no more or less hard to read than (say) YAML. []
  2. I.e., build configuration is not project configuration. []
  3. Not that I’m a big fan of XML but it is hard to beat if you’re looking for something with rigid, well-defined structures, comments, element-level metadata (e.g., attributes), schemas, validation, etc. []

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