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personal milestone: first 5k

by Rob Friesel

Craft Brew Race - Stowe

Yesterday I hit a personal milestone, and cajoled myself into running 1 my first 5k. It was the Craft Brew Race in Stowe, VT. I enlisted two friends to run the race with me and though they beat me by several minutes, I was grateful for the support. My official time was 33:50.

Craft Brew Race (Stowe) - official time

Full disclosure: I was primarily motivated by the beer garden at the finish line… Wherein I used my little plastic cup to sample 10 fine beers:

  1. Another VT IPA
  2. Burlington Common
  3. Gold Rush HPA
  4. 14th Star Golden Wheat
  5. Kind of the Yahd
  6. Light in the Window
  7. Pond Skimmer Pale Ale
  8. Crop Bavarian Weizen
  9. Bent Hill Blood Orange Imperial IPA
  10. Paine Mountain Fubar

And so, to my friends Dave and Michael: Thanks for joining me — a good time, and gives me a benchmark for the next 5k.

  1. Mostly running.[]

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