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Eric Clemmons re: Angular vs. React

by !undefined

In “Angular is Easy, React is Hard”, Eric Clemmons gives his perspective on the perception 1 that React is easier to reason about and therefore easier overall than AngularJS. Among his main criticisms of React: that it’s only solving the view problem, that you need to “bring your own architecture”, that subtle bugs may be introduced by JSX, and that confusion around props vs. state can lead to tightly-coupled components.

Ultimately Clemmons’ opinion is that AngularJS is better for prototyping while React is a better fit for “universal” 2 applications. He admits though that all his points may be irrelevant in the near future as newer versions of these frameworks come online. His conclusions seem even-handed and worthy of consideration (though I think he under-states how useful AngularJS can be when properly applied).

  1. Myth?[]
  2. Formerly known as “isomorphic”; which is a whole separate discussion unto itself.[]

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