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busy day in blogland.

by Rob Friesel

*phew* i come home from work and look at all this i have to deal with now…

  1. Yes, Windows sucks. We know. No need for a reminder. *sigh* To remind me so soon to when I needed to re-install my box after oh-so-much-pushing the half-life. *cough* Better pass the K-Y.
  2. No wonder work expects me to be in too early and leave too late. They’re all consulting different clocks. Bastards. Can’t we just decide on just one standardized time?
  3. Frottle! Would’ve been cooler if it was called “Frottage” or even just “Frott” — but hell, it’s still cool. A better-than-average equivalent of CMSA-CD.
  4. Go Red Hat! Beat SCO!
  5. Sarah Varney… What the hell are you smoking?

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