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Daily Archives: October 23, 2003


by Rob Friesel

An article on Panther… Written by David Pogue (who else?) for the NYTimes… My 2 favorite lines: FileVault uses an encoding scheme so thorough, Apple says, that a password-guessing computer would need 149 trillion years to break it. Just enough time for Apple to reach Mac OS X 11. …and… And Exposé is probably worth […]

more iTunes.

by Rob Friesel

From Ape Infinitum, re: iTunes Music Store: It’s all about recapturing second market revenue. *shrug*makes-face* Though I definitely fall in line w/ statements like: I wish I knew how to feel about iTunes. And/or “…people want to do the right thing [and go along with] good services at fair prices…” First off, $0.99 per song […]