found drama

get oblique


by Rob Friesel

So TODAY is my birfday! 24 today. A’s slick ass managed one killer surprise party last night though. Now that you know the punchline, here’s the story: She called me at work and lured me out for pizza for dinner. “Too lazy to cook tonight. How ’bout you?” Not so unusual. Went out. Ate. Yun. After dinner. “How about a quick drink at Monkey? Just one though. Got a lot of work to do tonight.” OK, sure. Not unusual either. After that, we drive home… And I’m trying to find a place to park and it’s just like “Damn!” The parking lot is like totally full. I think I recognize a VW … but no, couldn’t be. But that Neon is very familiar. And I *know* that’s Luke & Becca’s car… SHIT! She got me again…

But the best part was the authentic clown piñata…

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