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by Rob Friesel

OK… Maybe this is totally and I do mean totally random. Any maybe I’m the only one who will give a shit about this in the whole world but… Doesn’t it seem just plain wrong somehow that a text book would have decent cover design?

Apparently the good folks at McGraw-Hill Science (etc.) felt that Raymond Chang’s Chemistry, Seventh Edition was deserving of some pretty sweet design acumen to grace it’s cover. And perhaps this is a change for the best (all things considered). However, when I think “text book” (even “chemistry text book”) the mental image that comes to mind is that of a vaguely gradiented color like puke-green-to-light-puke-green or some bold solid like burnt-buttered-toast … maybe (if the graphic designer was really cutting edge) that put some irrelevant illustration on the cover — like a flower or some kind of animal in motion.

This just messes with my head a bit too much.

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