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by Rob Friesel

In brief: Overloaded at work again (so soon) is roughly equivalent to being unavailable for comment on much of anything. It felt great this weekend to blog a little about assorted things but guilt overwhelms when I think about what’s waiting for me 1st thing Monday a.m. *le sigh*

HOWEVER (comma) renewed efforts on the XSLT front have proven quite useful. Dev’d up a simple DTD for FAQs and the related XSL for transforms is awesome. Much more mature than the last experiment. Why so proud? Two words: CONDITIONAL LOGIC. The DTD allows for 2 types of answers to a given question: a one-part answer or a multi-part answer. Each is to be displayed differently. That being said — it would be silly to for-each a one-part answer and create a one-part <ol> … but for reasons of flow, it wouldn’t be helpful to simply bullet your way through a multi-part answer. (*ahem!* at least I don’t think so) Anyway. That being said, there was a bunch more work to do (now done) on it that was really key: Proper exploitation of <[CDATA[ … ]]> tags so that we can insert arbitrary HTML (for example). More to do on it for sure. Ultimately, don’t want to assume to much need for arbitrary HTML — but it was nice to sneak it in there. EXPERIMENT!

Back to work.

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