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quiz ya’ll.

by Rob Friesel

My quiz score? “70% (Dixie). A definitive Southern score!”

What’s most interesting about this quiz is that it fills you in as you go — let’s you know what nomenclature “belongs” where, that sort of thing. It’s interesting to see the memetic pollution in your brain. How much of what you say comes from where you grew up? How much came from the movies? Or your neighbors? Growing up in Maryland puts a strong Southern bent to most of my answers (for sure) — esp. w/ all the time spent in St. Mary’s and the Southern aspect of much of my family. On the other hand — MD is more mid-Atlantic … and the fact that I grew up just outside of D.C. puts me in contact w/ so many diverse linguistic sources — all transplanted b/c of politics, business or otherwise. Interesting results all around.

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