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by Rob Friesel

I have decided that the Verizon Wireless site is one big conspiracy to separate you from your hard-earned. Every time I go there to log in and check on my account (etc.) I am prompted to fill in all this info on payment/billing options. Since I’d rather get hard-copy bills (yes, I’m olde fashioned like that), I fill out the form as follows:

  • Manual Payment – I want to visit the site and have the option to pay from my checking account or credit card each month.
  • I want to receive paper bills in the mail.
  • Payment Method: Optionally select to add a payment account. If you choose to skip at this time, you can always add one later. SKIP

And I always get: [ServletException in:/register/confirm.jsp] Exception thrown by getter for property planTypeDisplayValue of bean registerForm'

Something is amiss.

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