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1/2 the work.

by Rob Friesel

Funny how the mind back-tracks on itself sometimes. A couple of weeks ago, I remembed I had these two CD-Rs of MP3s that I’d burned down to disc back when A and I were still living in B’more. I remember that I was concerned that I spent anywhere from $5-$15 on any given 12″ single and that while I enjoyed them immensely in their raw vinyl form, and no matter what painstaking care I took of them, one invariably seemed to develop a skip each month. That in mind, I put myself on to this (still unfinished) project to record each one to my PC so that I would at least have the music. Let’s call it an archive or a back-up.

Anyway, I’ve had these two discs kicking around amongst my personal effects for these past two years and hadn’t really paid much (as in any) attention to them. However, as A and I have recently grown addicted to the MP3 phenomenon (a little late…?) we have been hitting iTunes pretty hard these days. So I popped in those two discs and dragged them into my Library.

And in my iTunes Library they stayed for a while, their meta-data inadequate and lame. So I’ve been going through them a little bit at a time this weekend. Fill in the artist name here, look up the remix title there, drop “Electronica/Dance” into the genre category until I have time to stumble upon the track again and stick a label like “Progressive House, Trance” on it. But the best part has been the flood of memories that has come with it.

The titles alone are all it takes sometimes. I hit upon Ben Shaw’s “So Strong” (the Sander K. remix) and remember all those mornings in B’more spent mixing — trying to nail that track (something about the main effect in it just messed with my head too much). Or “Skydive” by Freefall and being his with this flashbulb of a Trueschler party — Ian Stephenson poking his head into the DJ booth (*ahem* “kitchen”) and giving me props on the way I mixed it out of the PvD remix of “Binary Finary”. All those 12″ singls that I bought b/c I heard them on GU mixes. And then all those B-sides that I couldn’t help but cane on the second Saturday of a given month (didn’t it usually work out to be the 2nd Saturday?). The half-dozen that came back from London with me (including, but not limited Mara’s “Lateral Horizon”, Oliver Lieb’s “Subraumstimulation”, and that “Cream” track that I never really liked in the first place).

So now I have this overwhelming sensation like I better just bite the bullet and drop the $30 (or whatever it is) on the iMic and dump all the tech house to digital before I discover skips in them, too…

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Anonymous says:

1. Pete Sun May 23 18:41:20 2004 EST
At the rick of jinxing myself, you really do have the worst luck with skips… I will occasionally find one, but it seems like you’re plagued with them. Is it your needles?

Here’s one that made me wanna scream: I recently ordered an EP from the IGLOO series (Chicago house stuff: nice, jacking, stupid) and 3 of the 4 tunes had MAJOR flaws in the pressing. They didn’t skip, there aren’t any scratches visible, they just jumped forward a couple grooves. To add insult to injury, when I finally got around to looking at my order # to call them and let them knopw about it (I’d marked the label for the one good tune, ‘cuz it’s hot, before realizing the flaws on the others) and realized that they had failed to ship a 10″ of St. Germain’s “So Flute” but HAD succeeded in charging me for it.

I’ve recorded a few records to my machine… fun, but slo

(originally by Pete, re-posted by F_D — xfer’d fr/ pollxn)

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