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candy land.

by Rob Friesel

muahahaha!  I'm Lord Licorice!
Mua ha ha ha ha! You’re the evil Lord Licorice.
Your heart is as hard as rock candy. You hope
to someday take over Candy Land, and maybe the
rest of the world!

Which Candy Land Character Are You?
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You have to admit… Even as a kid, you know there was something seriously sinister about Candy Land. Even then — before you knew what a pedophile was, before you knew what horrors the world had in store for you — you knew something was not quite right about this game. Sure it was bright and colorful and cheerful… But deep down, somewhere past the liver and kidneys, you knew that the Puffed Pastel Paradise was really some tricked out Barbaric Bastion of Buggery. (Even if you didn’t know what buggery was yet…)

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3 Responses to candy land.

julia says:

Whoa, I was Mr. Mint, “the Peppermint Lumber-jack and Keeper of the Royal Peppermint Forest with all the right moves.” I’m a man in pink booty shorts wearing peppermint striped tights, and I have a crazy axe. I guess the “Duh, I’m a Pink Lumberjack” answer did me in.

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