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Daily Archives: August 15, 2004

wishlist (part…?)

by Rob Friesel

Time for another one of the infamous ‘wishlist, a.k.a. “why don’t you go and develop it yourself, lamer?” posts… One bookmark list to link them all, one list to bind them. If you do any kind of web dev (PC or Mac, don’t matter…) then chances are you have not one but several damn browsers […]

beat my head…

by Rob Friesel

CURRENTLY AGGRAVATING: Blogger and FuitadNet, not playing nice. What I don’t get: My Blogger account can connect to the FuitadNet server just fine and dump my posts etc. up there w/ no difficulty. Clean and easy every time (and over SFTP no less). However, for whatever reason, A’s account refuses to connect over FTP or […]