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by Rob Friesel

In between the on-call bollocks, I spend my weekend learning the Final Vinyl interface (which sucks) and dropping the recordings into Sound Studio (which doesn’t suck) for normalization, trimming and export to iTunes for MP3 encoding and meta-data mark-up. I started doing this 3 years ago back in Baltimore and kind of dropped off for a while. Reflecting back on it, I really didn’t have the best idea of what I was doing. At the time I was recording into CoolEdit (R.I.P.) and processing, etc. from there. The lesson I learn in retrospect is to trust your hardware. Even with the equipment I have, I’m getting good enough recordings. And what’s more, trying to “de-noise” the recording winds up just making the whole same track sound tinny and thin. Guess what (I said to myself) the humcracklepop of the record is part of the song. That’s part of what makes it warm. And you’re losing half of that my making an MP3 out of it anyway.

But until they make an affordable turntable for my car ride, this is the only way to do it…

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