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steampunk is the nanopunk of ’05!

by Rob Friesel

(this is soooooooooo via BoingBoing, BTW…) First Perdido Steet Station, then Alpha Shade and now this! (Although it’s probably more like, first The Difference Engine, then…)

Anyway… Artist Larry Blamire captures the underlying steampunk meme in a way that I must admit I haven’t really seen done well with images yet. (And this is even though this particular meme would lend itself very well to images.) I’ll admit quite readily that Steamboy is the current leading contender in this category but let’s stick to the subject. Anyway, the images on the site are bad-ass and I’d love to see this done up feature-length-ish. And while the images are drool-worthy, there’s a lot of little touches that add flavor here. E.g.:

knothead n : slang term for a novice crewman on a steam rig. Origin believed to be from the number of lumps on the head received on the first few runs, before the crewman found his “land legs”. This was often exacerbated by the initiate being given a heavy iron helmet by his helpful rigmates, for “protection”.

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