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iSpy (v.0.2-alpha).

by Rob Friesel

A little PHP buggery from the “just-for-fun” department, found_drama is … if not proud, at least delighted to present: iSpy (alpha version 0.2) — a random generator for “Eye Spy” style personals ads. (You all know the type…)


You: all leathered up with nowhere to go at the gym, like about a month and a half ago. Me: non-stop dancer with an unfortunate lack of rhythm. Would have said something then but didn’t have my Binaca. Wanna go to church?

…and other assorted randomness.

Where to go from here? Take the clunky, somewhat-less-than-elegant arrays that we’re using to drive the thing now and construct a series of objects to represent the $you, $me, $whenNwhere, $whyNot, and $whatNext… Should be fun…

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