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monday eve blues.

by Rob Friesel

i’m sure it’s mostly just the exhaustion kicking in, but that side project is kind of a downer right now. i’ve determined that #2 on the “room for growth” list is vaguely irrelevant b/c I can safely use backticks as to enclose the fields. (my test w/ some sample data went swimmingly.) #3s thru #5 however are where the headaches are at. for whatever reason i’m finding myself having a hard time w/ PHP’s MySQL API. A lot of these methods/functions are counter-intuitive to me. was it that long ago that i was last working w/ all this? or did i just not get it in the first place? it seems to me like a simple enough function to whack together: “does this exist already? no? create it! yes? gimme the ID!” alas, my ass feels bitterly kicked.

yes, blame it on the exhaustion.

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