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wasted night/

by Rob Friesel

KetelOne, thou art a harsh mistress… In my opinion, the iBook has but one major design flaw in the hardware. The damn battery pack falls out so damn easy. This was never a big deal before when it fell out en route and the in-sleep-mode OS X just heaves a great sigh and springs back to life upon stabbing the power button again. But in mid-browse this turned out to be somewhat catastrophic. I spent 2 hours agonizing hours trying to get KetelOne in any kind of recognizable working order again. It wasn’t so much that it wouldn’t boot. More like it would boot and haaaaaaaaaang on the “Login Window loading…” phase of the boot cycle. And then beach ball me to death once I did get logged in as a user. And then it would beach ball me every time I tried to launch an app. Painful the whole way around. If I cmd+S’d it into single-user mode it went right there and I could fsck -f it. But fsck only gets you so far, you know… I felt like I was stumbling around in the dark. Which, I guess I kind of was. Eventually cleared the system caches and that SEEEEEEEEEEMS to have gotten things back to running at a normalish pace.

It’s just ironic b/c I was sitting their extolling the virtues of OS X’s stability to the lovely A (who had otherwise convinced me not to do any work tonight) when the battery drops out of the bottom and sets off the whole ordeal.


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