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T-day Miscellany.

by Rob Friesel
  1. First and foremost, my best wishes out to everyone. Especially those poor schmucks who (like me) find themselves working today — even if it is “just on-call”. For your sanity, and for the sake of everything that is still good and true in this sick, sick world, if you are working today, do something subversive. Take a couple of whisk[e]y shots on the job. Punch out early, except forget to punch out. Ask a customer point blank why they’re hassling you today instead of hassling their uncle or otherwise spending it with their family. Anything at all.
  2. All I want for Xmas is one of those mini Apple stores in the Burlington Mall. I mean seriously… People from Montreal are in Burlington to shop all the time anyway. So between that and Small Dog’s presence (or maybe that’s why there’s NOT one here…?), I would think this would be an ideal location for one. C’MON — FEED MY ADDICTION!
  3. Currently struggling with: getting XSL to escape particular characters that it finds in the input file during the transformation. In other words: process … process … change newline character to “\n” … process … change ” to ” … process… That sort of thing. Roadblocks so far though. Thinking that the answer might instead be to just wrap the output “just so” in backticks or some other “safe” character and then pipe-delimit the fields (like I planned to in the first place). More to follow…

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