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get oblique’banana dog’

by Rob Friesel

Someone and I mean SOMEONE has an unhealthy obsession with bananas. (And it’s not me, I swear…) Truly some bizarre material here. And surprisingly, the link to the movie about the banana before the firing squad is still active.

Banana what?

Now is probably the time when you’re asking yourself: “What the hell are you doing Googling “banana dog?” Well, I know of only one person that can truly understand my response to that. Now if you’ll excuse me, my fortune awaits!

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One Response to’banana dog’

julia says:

Aww, now I feel all nostalgic! Remember how much Ben was NOT amused by the banana dog? And we had gone to so much trouble, too.

My favorite thing from that list of banana material was the Dutch Bert and Ernie thing. Weird, weird.

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