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late night.

by Rob Friesel

Winding down here. Week was a series of implode/explode moments. Ended on a good note that allowed me to transition into the weekend heaving a big sigh.

In to the final chapter of the bathroom renovation project. Cut the check today after the contractor dropped by to go through the leak with me. A few adjustments later and we seem to be OK. Holding back a percentage for 30 days until we can say with confidence that it is what it needs to be. That being said, there’s painting to be done and then the epilogue and/or sequel of doing the light fixture and medicine cabinet. (Does it ever end?)

Had a go today at making one of those iLife posters but the results have been less than stellar. Getting up to step 4 and it squeezes the “contact sheet” into an 8×10 area despite giving it plenty of room to spread out in the 30×20 area. /ugh My guess is that some of the lower res shots are dragging the whole thing down. What a pain in the ass… Theory #2 is that iPhoto 2 just doesn’t play nice with Matas’ method.

In other news: Coffee and Cigarettes was just. plain. weird.

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