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by Rob Friesel

Guess I tend to hit these memes on account of I like to feel like I’m part of the dialogue… Via Sampo: Time Capsule:

15 years ago today:

a) Was 10 going on 11; 6th grade — Greek mythology and reading a lot of Lloyd Alexander

b) Played too much Wing Commander and wrote too much related fan-fiction

c) Listened to whatever the other kids in my class were listening to (whether I really liked it or not)

10 years ago today:

a) Was 15 and brooding in 10th grade; I space on what I was learning aside from maybe prepping for standardized state tests

b) Played less on the computer and more on the lacrosse field; had a slightly-less-than-secret all-consuming passion for Shadowrun

c) Listened to a lot of Nine Inch Nailes, KMFDM; Marilyn Manson early-adopter (techno’s “discovery” was a few months off still)

5 years ago today:

a) Just about 1 year from SMCM graduation and neck-deep in convincing profs to let me do some novel writing for school credit

b) Didn’t have time for games (see above) and was still about a month away from my biggest distraction of all time…

c) Listened to and/or spun a lot of progressive house and trance; Helmet was my secret favorite ├╝ber alles; first discovered AudioMulch and Fruity Loops and was working on my first rudimentary tracks

1 year ago today:

a) I was “all but managing” DDC support and on the edge of my seat to see if Amy would land at Dartmouth or not

b) Played with the Mac and tinkered around under Darwin’s hood (see also: Battles with FileVault) and was just starting to really really get my hands dirty w/ XML techs

c) Listening to a lot of downtempo/dub and trip hop; had finished up a couple of well developed techno/tech-house tracks and left it at that

This year I am:

a) Managing support for DDC and in awe of Amy while she kicks ass and takes names at Dartmouth

b) Playing too much Neverwinter Nights and being thoroughly pleased with myself when I get an hour of writing in on a given night

c) Listening to a lot of chill electro/house and reviving older industrial Wax Trax!-ish stuff; sad that I haven’t kicked out a new song in over a year


a) Trained a guy on how to run the after hours rotation and interviewed another guy for an open position

b) Played Neverwinter Nights after writing for about 45 minutes

c) Listened to a lot of Metro Area and Pailhead


a) Gave an ADF tutorial to a co-worker; met w/ everyone just back from the trade show; had dinner w/ a buddy from work

b) Played Neverwinter Nights and zoned out when I opened my “chapter in progress”

c) Listened to more Metro Area and Broken Social Scene


a) Will see how dude’s first after hours rotation went; hopefully run a second interview on a particular candidate; let the week end quietly

b) Commit myself to writing for an hour before glazing over and killing more Zombie Lords; maybe rent Napolean Dynamite again

c) Listen to more Metro Area, maybe get some recommendations from folks and forget them as usual

Currently Playing: the hum of the humidifier

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